The origins of Lecce are ancient, therefore numerous curiosities and legends spread around it.

These secrets make it even more fascinating and allow the tourist to dive in the authentic soul of this splendid city

The River Idume

Idume flows for 7 km and it traverses also the city centre, where, at proximity of Torre Chianca makes the basin with the same name, where there are rushes and submerged flora.

Under this river there is a water-bearing layer placed under Palazzo Adorno.

In ancient times, this was used for the personal care of the inhabitant of the Palace, who could enjoy a natural swimming pool.

The Miracle of Palazzo Perrone

Palazzo Perrone is placed in 14, Via dei Perroni, and it belongs to the family of the same name, which members think they are descendants of the saint patron Oronzo. This is the reason why there is a statue of the saint in a corner of the balcony.

The legend tells about a miracle occurred during the holy week, in 1219. Saint Francesco arrived in Lecce after a long trip to Syria. He was starving after the draining venture and he knocked on the Perroni family door asking for a piece of bread. They denied it to him. A little angle exited from the windows of the kitchens holding a cuddura (a ring-shaped cake typical of the Easter period). This nice scene can be seen in the keystone of the entrance door.

The Superstition of Palazzo Rossi

Palazzo Rossi, located at 18, Piazzetta Regina Maria, is one of the most beautiful XVII century palaces in Lecce. A superstitious baron wanted an owl to be sculpted in the coat of arms of the family in order to prevent from misfortune.

Love Story

The head of a young woman sculpted in the stone is to be found in a palace located between Piazzetta Epulione and Via Federico D’Aragona.

According to an ancient legend, the palace was inhabited by a boy madly in love with the girl who lived in front of him, who shared the same feeling. But the love story was not approved by the parents of the two lovers. The girl decided so to kill herself. The boy, after the suicide of his love, decided to sculpt her image in the stone, to represent their immortal love.