Gallipoli is a wonderful city in the Salento region, on the Ionian sea, 40 km far away from Lecce, to which is well connected by the SS 101 route. This delightful centre is called la Perla dello Ionio (the Ionian Pearl) and this is not by chance: its beauty is incontrovertible and the mix among history, landscapes and nightlife makes it one of the highly recommended stops-over while discovering Salento.

The contemporary part of the city

Gallipoli, the city of a thousand faces, is not always simple to describe. The most recent area of the city is organized around a very long and central boulevard, corso Roma, which is full of bars, restaurants and many kinds of commercial activities that make it perfect for strolls. One of the most picturesque points of the city is the area in which the present Gallipoli meets the old city, a kind of peninsula surrounded by the sea. In a unique landscape it is possible to admire the ancient harbour, the Castello Angioino, the skyscraper that overwhelms the city and reflects the colours of the sky and of the sea, the Greek Fountain, the monument “to the hedgehog”.

The charming Gallipoli Vecchia

Visiting Gallipoli Vecchia (Old Gallipoli) is like being thrown in the past: this area of the city is really evocative, rather touching, and it has many splendid old churches like Sant’Agata and Santa Maria della Purità.

The main seaside areas

The sea of Gallipoli is marvellous and there are many seaside resorts: one of the most renowned is certainly Baia Verde, a village raised behind a long line of sandy coast with both free beaches and seaside establishments. Another interesting seaside location is Rivabella, which is instead located in the northern part of the city. The beach called Puritate is the one placed in the heart of the old city, the one which is often pictured on the postcards of Gallipoli.