Castro is a medieval hamlet, characterized by a special atmosphere that makes it one of the most fascinating places of Salento.

Castro is located on the Adriatic coast, 45 km far from Lecce and 15 lm from Otranto. It is an essential stop-over for a tour in Salento: having a relaxing and leisure stroll in this fascinating hamlet or on the shore.

Castro is composed by two different parts: Castro Alta, where there is the ancient hamlet with a breath-taking view; Castro Marina is the lower part with the harbour and its little inlets still used by fishermen as warehouses. There are many reasons to visit this locality. For history lovers, this is an unavoidable step to admire the Renaissance castle, nowadays siege of an archaeological Museum.

The historical centre

In the upper part of the hamlet is located the Cathedral of Santissima Annunziata, built in the XII century and modified in the following periods. Nowadays is still possible to admire the marvellous Romanesque façade, while on the left side the remains of X century Byzantine church are still visible. Inside, there are artworks by local artists from the sixteenth century. The beauty of Castro is immediately recognisable even with a simple stroll in the old town, where a special atmosphere will be the characteristic of your entire stay. Breath-taking landscapes with unique glimpses will be engraved in your mind: the deep blue of the sea matched with the intense green of the vegetation create postcards views.

Castro Marina’s Bay

For those who love diving, here there is the opportunity to watch spectacular sea floors. The crystal clear water often misleads: boats seem to be suspended in the air instead of floating. There are some famous caverns in Castro, like Grotta Romanelli, Grotta Verde and above all Grotta Zinzulusa, the last one is reachable by foot. The harbour of Castro Marina is very typical. This place still preserves the distinctive shape of fishermen villages. The port has deep water and it was used, since the past, by big merchant ships from East or West. If you are looking for sandy beaches, you will have to move from Castro, where there are only rocks and deep waters. Castro is a magical place for your holidays, and you will notice it at the very beginning of your stay: a wonderful view, cheerful people, an excellent typical food and an enchanted atmosphere.